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command and Control

Anti-drone system is one of our key product applying advanced technology and our experiences in design, research, and development RF jamming system. The system consists of 3 major components -Detection system, Defeat system and Command & control working effectively.


Drone Disruptor is a powerful countermeasure against the drone threat and is designed to provide the jamming coverage of commercial ISM bands and GNSS L1 & L2 at 3 km (Omni-directional). Drone Disruptor effectively neutralizes swarms of drones approaching from various directions with its 360° omni-directional antenna beamwidth. Drone Disruptor equipped with the dedicated high-power amplifier and signal generator modules supports full power and multi band jamming.

This field-proven solution operates without a positioner by just jammer activation upon receiving data from seamlessly integrated detection/identification system by Command & Control or 3rd party systems. This can be utilized for stationary/mobile solution with continuous jamming.

Key Features


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